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 Is Spirit Listening?

Join Hans King and Alfred Ricci each week as they reach out to you, providing you with a variety of incredible spiritual subjects to listen to. Our focus is to share guidance and wisdom to help you along on your unique spiritual path.


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Sunday, August 19,
10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm Europe 
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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Topic: To Be Announced


During the 2nd half of the radio show, Hans and Alfred will answer Members' questions. This opportunity is your chance to receive answers based on your specific questions and also to get a spiritual teachings directed at your issue.  
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Radio Show Testimonials:

I am so grateful and thankful for all your guidance during all these years. People!! listen and I mean listen to Hans and stop being in your way. You know I’ve been afraid of The White Canvas, but it is quite delightful.....all new experiences.
~ MT, Mexico

I am infinitely grateful to have found Hans Christian King and the team of awakened beings in my life. I realize by choosing Hans as my teacher, I am choosing the path of spirit. Through my surrendering commitment, I see and feel the spirit in everything by letting go of my humanness ego. I love you all and we are all really here to serve and love each other. Thank you sooo much!
~Thanen, Houston, TX

Just listened to the Self Esteem show and whilst listening to it I felt a strong energy come through and it held me completely still experiencing every word, almost like imprinting the words in me.
~ Susanna, England

Thank you to everyone who shares each week here (on the show). The more I learn, the less I know. But this show, I believe touchs many hearts, and over the past three years it has touched mine, and helped me to learn and grow. I have asked Hans several times "how may I serve" and through this show, I now realize I already am serving. No question, just gratitude. What a Blessing! Thank you!
~ Norm, Colorado 

"A Day in the Life of Spirit" was so captivating, I have listened to it 4 x's since.  I am grateful for all you do.  Your message is so accurate and succinct.  It truly is the tide that raises all spiritual boats.  All I want to do is soak up everything that spirit teaches us.  
Peter from NYC

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to listen to your show every week! Whenever I turn on the radio show and listen to your teachings, it gives me even more believe in my life and in God! Thank you!
Yasemine, Vienna, Austria

I listened to your show titled Gratitude From God on world Puja Network and want to tell how grateful I am for you and all that you bring, for you have appease within me that Spirit is not only a mind chatter but as real as conversation goes between two beings.  Thank you Hans for the great show, that you for Alfred, Maureen and World Puja Network team. I am grateful for a drop of water that unite us, for the miracle I see in and through it.  I am grateful for many things.
~ Roger L., Gatineau, Qc Canada

I am one of your 'followers' from the Philippines and your messages are helping me a great deal. You are such a blessing and a gift to the Universe.

I am Roseli from Quito, Ecuador and I leave in San Bruno, Ca. I hope soon take personal classes with you, it is my dream. I don't forget you, every day I remember all your teachings, and help me understand why I am here. I am sorry for my english, but I am writing with my heart.
Love, Roseli A
I discovered you on World Puja some time back.. and try to never miss a show.. Thank-you for sharing your words of insight and wisdom. You have been a blessing for me.
Connie F.

I just found out about you through one of the Hay House Radio re-broadcasts. Glad to find out about you. Your uplifting and encouraging message is a breathe of fresh air for me.
Loreto T.
I heard you tonight on The Aware Show. I LOVE my life... and I Bless you for the gifts you've given so many!
Your program on June 17, 2013 "Living Fearlessly with the Unknown --- I listened to the program at approximately 3:45 AM made me happy and reconfirm that I am living the life that God wants me to live (freely without worry) God is Great!!! I tell my "mind chatter" to be quiet, that's enough, or mind chatter stop! Hans your program helps me to become a better person!
Vallan V.
Every time I listen to the show I feel so much more at peace with myself and this world.  I can't thank you enough!
~ Lindsey
I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful lectures you give on your radio shows. I learn a lot all the times I hear your shows. I get inspired, appreciative and it helps me with my work on becoming wiser and happier.
~ Francesca P.

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