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Free Spiritual Classes

We are giving away free on-line video classes.

For each class, you can:

  • Watch the classes online
  • Download the classes & handouts

Each class is about an hour.

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Thank you for a wonderful class, Alfred Ricci. So sensible, down-home, and to the point. Much appreciated.

~ Sunday


Why are we giving them away?
We want you to get to know Hans and Alfred better. We want you to learn about our teachings. It's completely your choice if the free classes are enough or if you want to dive deeper with our paid classes.

What's the catch?
No catch. No payment. Nada. You can take as many of these free classes as you like.

How do I register for the free classes?
Check the boxes next to each class below that you want to get access to. You can check one at a time or all at once. You can come back for more whenever you want.


What's the difference between a free and paid class?
The free classes are about 1 hour each. They are actual spiritual lessons like the ones that are included in the paid for classes. The format is the same: we give a teaching, then we answer questions from students on that topic. You can't ask questions for the classes we did already, but you can watch the recordings.

We're giving you a free sample of real teachings. Then, it's up to you. If you're satisfied with the free classes, great. If you'd like further teachings, you can pay for the longer full class. Our paid for classes are simply longer, lasting 4 to 6 hours each, with more lessons.

What do I need to do to register for the free spiritual classes?

  1. Below, click the box next to the classes you want
  2. Check that we have your correct email
  3. Submit the form and we'll send you what you need to attend
Is Abundance available for everyone? The answer is a resounding YES! This video class will guide you toward a new understanding of prosperity, as Hans teaches you that we each have a right to abundance. All that you need is already here waiting for you, even if the appearance seems otherwise.

Learn how to establish your direct connection with Spirit. Receive the keys to having a lifelong relationship with the Angels that watch over you. Discover the language that builds the bridge between both worlds. Enhance your ability to hear your Guidance and the wisdom you asked Them to share with you.
To be peaceful and happy, you MUST quiet your mind first. Learn about specific types of mind chatter and get to the root cause of each type. Receive lessons on how to release mind chatter. Laugh along with us as we show how everyone has mind chatter. It's part of being human.
Many of you have already learned the basics of intuitive development. Automatic Writing advances your ability to receive information and teaches you how to receive pages of written guidance, while confirming what you are being given is indeed coming from Spirit.
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  • You will receive one confirmation email for each class you check. If you check all the classes, you will get four emails.
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