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Hans Christian King
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About Hans Christian King

Hans was born in Los Angeles, California, and he is the oldest of three children. At the tender age of three, he had his first visitation from his first guide, Sebastian. He remembers having an out-of-body experience, and felt a deep sense of responsibility. He started using his gift of channeling, first, by correctly guessing what his Christmas gifts were going to be and by giving advice to neighbors several times his age. It wasn't until Hans was in the Navy and was directed at seventeen years old to be a staff counselor that the full effect of his guidance emerged. Upon completion of duty, he only focused on doing private readings. Over 60 years later, he is considered one of the most respected mediums and spiritual teachers in the world.

Why haven't you heard of Hans? For the majority of his career in service, Hans has been dedicated to primarily assisting people in one-on-one sessions. Though he engages in very little advertising, his calendar is consistently full because of word-of-mouth recommendations, as well as returning clients - a true testament to the quality of his work and abilities.

There were no schools, nor any training that could prepare Hans for his unique vocation. In fact, he struggled with attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. He once asked his Guides, "Why do I have such difficulty taking tests and assimilating information?" Their response was, "The more you fill your head with what society wants you to know, the less room there is for us to share our guidance."

Some may be skeptical about Hans' abilities. Hans always says that he wouldn't have a practice without skeptics. The more skeptical a person is of what Hans does, the more it becomes a revelation deep inside of a person that what Hans does is real and life changing. This is because the proof provided from Spirit, during a reading, shows that their belief system may need to change. It is amazing how Spirit shows up for every person, every time for every reading and every event.

Hans is greatly humbled by the comfort, healing, and love brought through him. Hans has very little ego, and is the first to say that he does nothing, but by the grace of God and Spirit.

Contact us if you would like Hans to work with your Guide to provide you information about your life during a reading.

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