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We have enormous passion and experience in creating spiritual products, holding spiritual workshops and guiding spiritual seekers. We could use your experience with our 501(c)(3) organization. Do you know about:

  • Applying for Grants?
  • Anything else that we don't know we should be doing?

Please contact us to help us help others. 


Possible Grants

Below are just some ideas of how we could us Hans King's teachings to be of service to humanity. These are just a few ideas, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

First Responder Training:
First responders (police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, social workers, and even teachers) need coping skills to deal with repetitive on-the-job trauma, including:  

  • Mindfulness to maintain composure and clarity on the front lines.  
  • Resilience to release past experiences to be fully prepared for the next event.

For more information, visit:

Personnel and Leadership Development:
Spiritual development is personal development. If employees are happier and more peaceful, the organization will benefit by:

  • Employee retention increases as employees find meaning and happiness through work.
  • Productivity grows as employees cooperate more by removing personal barriers.
  • Creativity blossoms as individuals discover and contribute their unique talents.
  • Quality improves as employees are passionately committed to doing the right thing.
  • Innovation expands from employees who are encouraged to share ideas.

For more information, visit:
or download a workshop brochure here:

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