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Hans Christian King
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Business Advisory Services

Hans King has advised 50,000+ individuals on their personal and business issues for over 50 years. During these confidential one-on-one conversations, Hans has consistently pointed the way to personal and business success for major actors, politicians, billionaires, as well as small and international companies.


If you have had a reading with Hans, you will know that Spirit has a broad and comprehensive expertise in ALL areas of your life. Let Hans provide your business with an objective assessment of your current situation and allow Hans to work with your Guidance to help you devise effective strategies for new growth and revenue generation.
Business Advisory 

1/2 Hour - via Skype Video
Price: $225.00click here to add to cart

1/2 Hour - via Telephone
Price: $225.00
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Please select the above "Add To Cart" depending on whether you wish to speak with Hans via Skype video  or  Telephone.

The Hans Christian King advisory service focuses on Hans' ability to tap into spiritual resources on your behalf. Your Spirit Guides are there to guide you through every part of life, including your business ventures.

Let Hans and Spirit 'guide' your organization through:
•   partnership and expansion decisions
•   organization and personnel issues
•   ways to expand your markets and products
Business Advisory Conference 

Continuous Support and Development: 5 x 1/2 Hour
Price: $900.00 ( 20% off )

via Telephone:
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via Skype Video:
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If you pay in full for 5 sessions with Hans King, you get 20% off the regular rate.

Since we've introduced the '5 Pack', the sessions have transitioned into a combination of:

1. Business Readings and Spiritual Counseling: life guidance and hand-holding you through issues.
2. Teachings and Spiritual Development: teaching you how to build your personal relationship with your Spirit Guides.
Each session, Hans will counsel you through what is most important to you on your life's journey.

For the Hans King '5 pack' Business Advisory Conference: How does the new appointment system work?
1. Select the session package you would like ('Add to Cart' links) and complete the purchase. At the end, you will have the option to create an account to track and schedule your sessions.
2. When Purchasing a package please save your 'Certificate Code'. This code will also be emailed to you and is needed to schedule the appointments from your package .
3. After your purchase, please Click Below to Schedule Your Appointment. You will be prompted to enter your 'Certificate Code', which will recall what you have purchased.

Once you have purchased and have your 'Certificate Code':

SkypeClick Here to Schedule Your Skype Appointment

Click Here to Schedule Your Telephone Appointment

Questions? Comments? Please email our technical support.
Why Hans Christian King? What does he bring to the table that is so different? Hans brings the ability to perceive momentum and shifts in energy that determine what direction markets will go and how people interact between each other. He was born with the ability to know things others can't see. He's a modern day "Oracle".

Alexander the Great, Jesus, the Dali Lama, and many other influential people have consulted Oracles through history. Why not you?

Hans Christian King speaks spiritual truth and delivers authoritative and blessed pronouncements that can help guide your business. He is not the first to provide divine communications or revelations, but may be the first to bring this miracle ability into modern capitalism.

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