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Personal Readings with Hans Christian King
There are two ways to book an appointment:
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Appointment Types 

Secure Appointment Payment and Scheduling:
You have three purchase options:
*Please note that all appointments are 30 minutes long

1 Appointment
1/2 hour

5 Appointments (5 x 30 min.)
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$1125  $900

10 Appointments (10 x 30 mins)
30% off the regular rate
$2,250 $1,575

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All appointments are via telephone.

If you are international and would like to call via Skype, please contact us.

Since we've introduced the 5 and 10 packages, the sessions have transitioned into a combination of:
1. Readings and Spiritual Counseling: life guidance and hand-holding you through issues.
2. Teachings and Spiritual Development: teaching you how to build your personal relationship with your Spirit Guides.
During each session, Hans will counsel you through what is most important to you on your life's journey.

Instuctions on buying and booking appointment packages (5 or 10 pack): * 
Using our on-line appointment system:
1. Select the session package you would like (above buttons) and complete the purchase. At the end, you will have the option to create an account to track and schedule your sessions.
2. When purchasing a package please save your 'Certificate Code.' This code will also be emailed to you and is needed to schedule the appointments from your package .
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*Packages: All packages can be redeemed for 30 minute appointments.

Once you have purchased and have your 'Certificate Code':

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Questions? Comments? Please email our technical support.

What about In-Person appointments?
Hans is not taking reservations for in-person appointments at this time.
Contact us: 1-800-406-9027  or  +1-828-258-1803
to see when future in-person appointnents will be available.

What is Hans King's appointment schedule?
Thursday, Friday & Saturday, plus urgent appointments.

I just paid for an appointment package. What now?
You should have been emailed with a code to book appointments immediately. If not, contact us please.
I don't want to book on-line. Computers don't like me.
Feel free to call us to schedule your appointment. 1-800-406-9027  or  +1-828-258-1803 or email us.

Instructions on how to set up a video conference with Hans:
First, please ensure you have one of the following:

You need to email us your Skype user name so we can verify the connection with you before scheduling your appointment with Hans.

System Requirements:

1.  Skype for PC software
or  Skype for Mac software

2.  Web camera
3.  Speakers or Headset
4.  Microphone

Support and How-to Guides:

Skype set up and video conference support

What can I expect when Hans provides a reading?

With loving kindness, Hans presents the most insightful information as he counsels you on what Guidance seeks to tell you on your life journey. One of Hans' many unique gifts is his ability to let you know where you are on your soul' path, which helps you to make the clearest possible choices for your future.

Your Guides and loved ones in Spirit from the other side know exactly what your personal circumstances are, and a private reading with Hans gives your loved ones the opportunity to share with you and to help you through specific experiences in your life.

To receive an incredible spiritual enlightenment, you can spend one-on-one time with Hans no matter where you are!

Personal Healing

Guidance provides revelation in our lives, yet many of us, more than ever, yearn for more understanding and clarity. Hans Christian King is dedicated to helping others achieve more clarity through private readings; there is no other medium in the world giving as many private readings as Hans.  He is he an expert at identifying and providing clear and concise messages about your specific life situation and counsels you on everything that comes through from your Guidance.


When you first speak with Hans, by telephone or in person, you will quickly sense how his deep compassion translates into an intimate understanding and conversation with you about the sensitive things you want to know about in your life. Hans is a direct-voice medium; he receives a thought and then speaks it, often providing evidential proof of life after death, by giving a name or another verifiable fact. He is clairsentient, which simply means he feels the emotions and personalities of the deceased. He is also clairvoyant—seeing the actual spirit or loved one with whom he is communicating. At other times, they communicate with him through visual symbols or insights.

When the guidance and/or the lost loved is present, an overwhelming sense of love can be felt immediately. The information that is channeled is relevant to your soul's path—where you've been, where you are now, and where you're headed.


Do you have an urgent issue? 

We've set up a service to get you connected with Hans faster.


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We're available M - F, 9 - 12 Pacific Time to answer your questions about readings. It's perfectly fine if you would prefer to call to book an appointment instead of using the web site.

for international callers

or email us.

Reading Testimonial:
"I want to thank you so much for the reading I had with you this morning.  Your kind and loving guidance meant the world to me.  You confirmed that my passion for doing spiritual work is something I am capable of doing.  I plan to purchase the Intuitive Development class we discussed, I am really looking forward to all the information it contains.  I completely loved talking with you this morning, the time just went way too fast!   So thank you once again for all you do.  I hope you feel the love I am sending to you!!!"

For more testimonials, click here.Read More

Reading Testimonial:

"Can you please let Hans know that I acknowledged him in my recent book, "You Can Talk to the Other Side." I have attended his classes and had a private session with him that changed my life for the better.  He made it crystal clear to me what it is I do and encouraged me to take the path I am on.  He won't remember me or what he said, but it profoundly changed the course of my life.  I just wanted to thank him."
Cathy Tigges

for more testimonials, click here
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Reading Testimonial:

"My mother Janet B. passed on to the other side almost 10 years ago. Today I read in her notebook her handwritten notes from a 1:1 reading session she had with you, Hans, dated 8/31/1991. I really just want to thank you for helping my mother find direction during that time and thank you for the specific message finding its way to me."
Jeff B.

for more testimonials, click here
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More Client Testimonails:

I just want to send a big thank you to Hans. He has helped both my brother and me so much. He has a special gift, but what is even more special is the kindness, compassion, humor and love in which he delivers messages. Thank you so much!
~ Warmly, Kristen

My time with Hans was amazing!!! The gentleness of his heart and his energy felt so familiar. The information was just what I needed and hearing from both my Parents, my Son, and Granddaughter was so healing for me. I recorded my session and when my daughter listened it brought tears of joy. I am certainly interested in attending classes and continuing to work with Hans. I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of my other family members and friend's. I started listening to “You are Enough” series and find It to be one of those lessons you don't want to put down. I am Blessed to have found Hans and his wonderful teachings and the meditations that Alfredo does. This is just what my Spirit needed. Much Love, 

~ Leslie, Mississippi

​This was the second time I had an appointed with Hans, and again his advice has been a blessing, an encouragement to enjoy life. It is an honour to recive the messages of spirit through him, because he has this unique loving way to give it and help us, that I am very thankful.

~ Mirella, Switserland 

​I've had several readings over the years from different mediums & I have to say Hans was the best. It's amazing how much we covered in 30 minutes. He's straight to the point & doesn't waste any time. All of my questions were answered.

I won't hesitate to use him again for a reading some time in the future & to recommend him to others.
Warm Regards,

~ Alida

My reading was quite amazing and full of surprises. My main concern was about my mother and I got so much more out of it. I was advised to take the  intuitive abilities course. I'm still a little blown away by some of the things I heard and am really excited about what the future holds. I am so very grateful for the reading. A feeling of peace has settled upon me. It feels like I'm in a different space. With much gratitude,

~ Fazeela

Thank you very much for my reading. I feel that Hans is a gracious and kind person and am appreciative of our time together. Thanks, 

~ Elena 

Hans has the heart of a lion, the compassion of an angel and the wisdom of the ages.  For almost 30 years Hans has given me hope, clarity, truth, peace and trust in myself and my guidance. The readings are so relevant as I have watched my life unfold. I will cherish him and the love he has shown me as well as the love and support of those that walk patiently and lovingly with me

Forever Grateful

~ Christine

Hans King saved my life. In a reading he said everything in my life was going away. I was devastated. He comforted me by saying everything in my future would be far better than I had. It was hard to believe. I became homeless. I clung to and trusted Hans comforting words and survived. I now live in a resort community with a kind man and am able to help others. I have had a recent reading with Hans and am working with Alfred,Hans associate to help me fulfill all Hans sees for me. GENUINE!!

~ Nancy

Hans is amazing. He insured me that my mom would be ok and 2 weeks later she got very ill. Contrary to what all the doctors said she pulled through for 5 years. His reading was the only thing that gave me hope that she would be ok. He also said that my husband and I would be moving and 6 months later he got a huge promotion and we moved. Hans delivered my message perfectly considering the the nightmare my family was about to endure and gave me the hope I needed to deal logically with the Dr.s

~ Krystin

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