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Donation / Tithe

We have had many requests to allow people to contribute to Hans King's organization. This page is meant to assist those people who have been helped by Hans who wish to keep the circulation and momentum of abundance going forward in our ever expanding universe. We will place donations in the following places:
  • scholarships for on-line classes
  • scholarships for in-person classes
  • reading discounts to those in need


To donate / tithe by check:

Hans King
825 Merrimon Ave.
Ste. C-366
Asheville N.C. 28804

To donate / tithe by credit card or PayPal:

Monthly donations:
We do have the ability to accept monthly donations (tithe the same amount each month), but we need to set this up over the phone. Please contact us and give us a good time to call you.

If you would like to give your time, please click here to see about volunteer opportunities.

Name: Andre' from New Orleans
Date: 08/26/11
Message: I have been taught to Tithe to those persons or places where I have been Spiritually fed. That person or place does not have to be a traditional "Church" and the Tithe can be divided up amongst more than one entity. What better person to receive my Tithe than Hans King. To be Spiritually fed by Hans King is to be fed by Spirit since as an Intuitive Medium, Hans is in direct communication with Spirit and passes that guidance on to us. God loves a cheerful giver and it makes my Heart glad to give back to God. Tithing is my way of reconnecting with Spirit. Tithing the tenth is about Trust. I want to show Spirit that I can be Trusted with a little and demonstrate to the Universe that I can handle that which i would like the experience of. Thank you Hans and Alfred for providing me with the opportunity to gift financial Abundance to your worthy causes and at the same time, be of service.

Name: Alfred
Date: 08/26/11
Message: Hans gives and gives and gives and gives. It makes me proud to have so many others willing to help Hans share his message.

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Hans Christian King
825C Merrimon Ave.
PMB #366
Asheville NC 28804

Phone: 1-800-406-9027
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