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Automatic Writing and Channeling

Alfred Ricci has studied directly under Hans King for many years. While helping teach the Intuitive Development course, we realized students wanted to go to a higher level of receiving information from and working directly with Spirit. If you wish to learn how to bring the thought of Spirit into written words, please read below for more information.


"Clients continuously tell me how Alfred has changed their lives. I highly recommend him."
Hans Christian King

"I have studied with many Spiritual Teachers who have all helped me develop on my path, however, studying with Alfred truly changed everything for me! I am a Professional Medium and prior to taking Alfred’s course, it was taking me up to 5 minutes to connect with the Spirit World. After only 3 sessions with him, he taught me to connect in under 1 minute! My connections became deeper and he taught me so much more. I highly recommend Alfred! Thank you, Alfred, for changing my life. I will be forever grateful."  
~ Jill M. Jackson,

"Your insight is so powerful.  Because of your teachings and meditations, I have been able to quiet my mind of anxiety to levels I have never thought possible.  I continue to hit strides of ease that really unlock the true happiness of life."
Peter, NY

"As always: helpful, insightful, clarifying. Alfred always explains complex concepts generously, and he is very supportive and caring."
Patricia, Switzerland

"Your spiritual insight to see the unseen combined with the business wealth of knowledge you have from this dimension, is unprecedented. The Mastery of channeling spirit and teaching others how to dive deep into their own knowing, is the gift you give to all of us. Thank you for being the guidance that gave me a turning point in my life that changed everything..... That is putting it mildly Alfred. Forever Grateful." 
Jennifer Shaffer

"I cannot put into words how much (and how quickly) Hans and Alfred have helped me with my spiritual development. I have been watching the intuitive development classes, and emailed Alfred a question about an experience I had while meditating. Alfred's simple yet profound response helped me to quiet the mind chatter and focus on my intention (namely, to establish a clearer connection with my Spirit guides). I followed Alfred's advice and the next day, I was sitting quietly when I was suddenly drawn to my grandmother's old jewelery box. I felt my grandmother's spirit in the room and knew my questions were being heard and answered. It was truly a miracle."
~ Dana, NYC 


What happens during the sessions?

It takes about six sessions to transform someone's 'way of being' to one who is connected to Spirit on a regular basis. Spirituality becomes a way of life instead of something you do once in a while.  During the sessions, we have enough time to work together with Spirit on lessons that are customized to your specific spiritual growth - meant to get you to the point where you can communicate and work with Spirit on-demand.

The emphasis is on 'being' Spirit. It is from this foundation that you release human limitations and become who you truly are. While being Spirit, you are able to communicate and work with Them in the unlimited realm of universal energy. You are given many practices to find your unique way of being as Spirit and new way of communication. 

We highly recommend recording the sessions so you can be present to participate and able to take notes later on. To find out how to record the sessions yourself, please click here.


What is Automatic Writing?

The purpose of automatic writing / channeling is to take information from Spirit and bring it to the physical dimension. 

Through the years, students generally have had the same issue. It was not how to receive information. The issue was how to differentiate between what Spirit was giving them and what their mind was saying. Spiritual Truth comes in the form of Guidance. It is around all of us always. The question is not how to connect to that which always is. The question is how to stop yourself from disconnecting from your natural state.

What will lead you off your path in life comes from your mind. Your mind takes you away from Spirit. Your mind can override what you receive from your Guidance. As such, much of the detail in the Automatic Writing course is meant to answer one question: "How do I ensure that what I'm getting is purely from Spirit and not from my mind?" 

It normally takes six 1/2 hour sessions to:
1. Ensure there is no physical attachment (limitation) when you connect to the universal energy.
2. Practice the process of receiving, checking and writing / typing / speaking / creating what you receive.
3. Review your progress to see if there are any times that your mind tries to disguise itself as Spirit - to make sure it does not.

There's a lot of other work, such as helping you with your individual spiritual growth:
- Strengthening your connection to your Higher Self / Soul / Spirit.
- Minimizing your mind's power over you.

In the on-on-one sessions, all this is customized to your specific spiritual growth. After each session, you'll have homework to practice the exercises in order to get hands on experience with elevated channeling. We would book the next session when you're comfortable with the previous session's lessons.

When we're done, you will have discernible methods to use automatic writing to form a stronger and much more personal relationship with your Guides. 


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